Competitiveness / Automotive: Morocco is seeking world leadership


In addition to supporting French companies in Morocco, the development of the commercial relationship between the Kingdom and France, one of the main missions of the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Morocco (CFCIM), especially in this period crisis is to contribute to the recovery.

As such, she organized at the end of last week, a meeting on the “revival of economic activity” in the presence of Helene Le Gal, Ambassador of France to Morocco and Moulay Hafid Elalamy, Minister of Industry, of Trade, Investment and the Digital Economy. Precisely, the Minister who welcomes the “remarkable” results of the Kingdom in the fight against the spread of the Covid calls on economic operators to remain extremely vigilant in the face of this pandemic, the deep impacts of which are far from over.

Moreover, the government will employ the zero tolerance policy for those who do not respect the health measures imposed by the authorities. “We will be happy to close all industries or businesses that do not meet the standards,” he explains, he who notes a relaxation of people vis-a-vis this pandemic. “There is therefore no question of having completed this entire course, of having made all these sacrifices to get back down quickly,” argues Elalamy.

This reminder made, the Minister largely extended on the bilateral relations between Morocco and France by evoking a certain number of “sagas” in several fields. “More than 900 French companies established in Morocco”, he announces.

In the automotive industry, for example, there are the two manufacturers, Renault and PSA, as well as 22 equipment of French origin out of a total of 250 companies that make up the ecosystem. “These equipment manufacturers export from Morocco to 74 countries including France, Spain, Germany, Great Britain, the USA, Mexico, South Korea on behalf of Renault, PSA, Volkswagen, Daimler, Ford , GM, Jaguar Land Rover… ”, welcomes Elalamy.

And to detail, “among these equipment manufacturers, Forecia, which has existed in Morocco since 2008, exports 60% of its production to France. The other 21 export less than 3% of their production to France ”. This shows all the opportunities that still remain to be seized.
In aeronautics, Elalamy also emphasizes the presence of French operators, 10 in total in the Boeing ecosystem in Morocco of more than 120 companies. “Several of these operators located in Morocco had never been referenced by Boeing before,” he said.

Consequently, the Kingdom, which enjoys both stability, visibility and sustainability, has adopted national strategies which reassure investors. At the same time, “Morocco is and can become more of a customer,” insists Elalamy, illustrating his remarks by the 22 equipment manufacturers who sell part of their stocks on the Moroccan market.

Another asset, according to the minister, Morocco constitutes a nearshore competitiveness base… in particular in the automotive sector. “The Kingdom has risen in competitiveness, becoming more competitive than European countries, including Eastern Europe, than Turkey. Today there are only two countries that are beating us, China and India, ”he laments.

Today the idea is to beat India which is itself beating China. It will also be necessary to “decarbonize” by focusing on renewable energies. The objective is for Morocco to be “the most competitive country in the world in the automotive sector”, insists the minister. “We have a detailed strategy with the same crazy goals as those of the industrial acceleration plan,” he concludes.

Agility and capacity for innovation

Moulay Hafid Elalamy, Minister of Industry, noted the agility and creativity of the Moroccan industrial fabric during the Covid crisis. This is what enabled him to get through the period of crisis. Thus many operators have substituted their usual activity to adapt and contribute to the national effort by producing masks, alcoholic gels, respirators. Hence the importance of developing a “substitution industry”. “We have identified a deposit of 34 billion DH which can be substituted”, announces the Minister. There is “a bank of opportunities that are being prepared for French companies. The authorities assure that they are working on it ”.

Moulay Ahmed BELGHITI

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