Coronavirus: Belgium plans “up to 15,000 more tests per day” in the coming weeks


Minister Philippe De Backer, in charge of the supply of equipment in the fight against the coronavirus, took stock of Belgian capacity in testing. According to him, the goal is to drastically increase this capacity in the coming weeks.

With the resumption of the epidemic, Belgium is taking measures. But if everyone has to make an effort, Belgium, for its part, wants to increase its testing capacity. The aim is to think at the local level. “Testing needs to be stepped up, especially in areas where there is a lot of contamination, such as Antwerp”, explains Philippe De Bakker (Open Vld). “For general practitioners, it becomes complicated to take samples at certain times. We have already contacted them last week. We now have the capacity to do around 30,000 tests per day. This capacity is still being developed. ‘increase”, he assures.

But how much can this capacity increase? Up to what volume of tests? “Clinical laboratories and federal platforms are making an effort. The capacity will increase by 5, 10 or 15,000 tests in the coming weeks”, says the Minister. “For the moment, we still have a delta between the number of tests carried out today (17,000 per day) and what we can do. We still have the capacity to increase this and it will be necessary in the context of tracing. in places where there are really big problems “, he detailed.

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