Coronavirus – Russia plans to produce 200 million doses of vaccine


Russia hopes to produce 200 million doses of coronavirus vaccine with its partners this year, a senior Russian official said on Monday.

An employee works on the production of a vaccine at a research center in Siberia.

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Russia expects to produce some 200 million doses of a vaccine by the end of the year, if clinical trials are successful. The first stage of the trials “is already completed, and the second should end around August 3,” said Kirill Dmitriev, president of the Russian Sovereign Fund which finances the development of the Russian vaccine, in an interview with Stopcoronavirus.rf .

According to him, the third stage of the tests should then take place both on Russian territory and in several other countries, in particular in the United Arab Emirates, in Turkey and in Africa, and result in certification in Russia “from August”.

“Right after that, we are planning to launch mass production,” Dmitriev said. The Russian Sovereign Fund expects partner countries to approve certification of the vaccine “in September”, the same source said.

200 million doses

Once certified, the vaccine will be produced in both Russia and other partner countries, with total production expected to reach “200 million doses by the end of the year”, including 30 million doses produced in Russia, assured Kirill Dmitriev.

The announcement comes as the UK, US and Canada last week accused Russian intelligence services of being behind hacker attacks to get their hands on research into a coronavirus vaccine. .

The UK government’s cybersecurity body on Thursday accused a group of hackers of targeting organizations working on a vaccine against the novel coronavirus in order to steal their research, saying it is “almost certain” that they are operating for Russian intelligence.

These accusations have been vehemently denied by the Kremlin. Russia, world number 4 in number of contaminations after the United States, Brazil and India, has officially recorded 777,486 cases of coronavirus to date, including 12,427 deaths.


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