Covid-19: 71% of Moroccan companies fear reconfinement (HCP)


A proportion of 71% of companies fear a return to confinement imposed by the health crisis linked to the pandemic of the new coronavirus (covid-19), according to the High Commission for Planning (HCP).

By category of business, half of very small businesses (VSEs) declared that the restrictive measures put in place by the administrative authorities to limit the spread of Covid-19 constitute an obstacle to a normal resumption of the activity of the ‘company, says the HCP in a note on the resumption of business activities following the lifting of containment.

This rate reaches 45% for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and nearly 36% among large enterprises (GE), notes the same source, adding that the main constraint of the recovery for construction companies is insufficient demand. according to 82% of business leaders in this sector.

This note also shows that 62% of exporters cite the decline in export demand as a specific and predominant brake on the recovery for this category of companies.

In addition, the HCP underlines that financial difficulties, whether related to their cash flow or to the coverage of operating expenses, stand out as the main constraint for a majority of companies to resume their activities.

They are cited by a good number of sectors and branches, in particular textiles and leather (81%), agro-food (76%), electrical and electronic (73%), transport and storage (75%) as well. than accommodation and catering (70%), he notes, noting that the health crisis has led companies to completely rethink their organization.

Thus, a proportion of 28% of companies declared that confinement pushed them to adopt flexible working methods (teleworking, work-study, etc.). A quarter of companies have developed a business management method via remote telecommunication tools, while one in five companies has engaged in a digitalization process as an alternative measure to adapt to this context.

In addition, the HCP indicates that 77.4% of companies declare that the current situation of their equipment makes it possible to perfectly protect employees against covid-19, 16.4% among them declare that the protection is only partial against 6 , 2% who say that their companies’ equipment does not guarantee any protection.

By business category, the equipment of the majority of GEs (87%) guarantees perfect protection of employees against this pandemic, while 7% of very small businesses completely lack protective equipment against the pandemic.

This note presents the main results of the second survey on the impact of the health crisis on businesses. The objective of this survey is to observe the level of resumption of activity of companies following the lifting of containment, to apprehend the constraints which slow down this resumption and to note the adaptation measures that they have started to adapt to the new post-containment context.

It is a question of thus describing, through these results, the difficulties of companies in their quest to resume activity after the shutdown caused for a large part of them by confinement.

This survey, carried out via collection assisted by tablet and phone from July 3 to 15, was carried out among 4,400 organized companies representing all units operating in the manufacturing, construction and energy sectors. , mining, fishing, trade and non-financial market services.

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