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The covid-19 epidemic began to hit Latin American leaders hard. To the positives of the Brazilian Jair Bolsonaro and the interim president of Bolivia, Jea-nine AnezThe cases of the second in command of the Bolivarian ‘revolution’, Diosdado Cabello, and the super minister Tareck El Aissami were added. But there are those who say in Venezuela that the matter in Maduros closest cabinet, and in general in the country, may be more complicated than is recognized.

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Third evangelical pastor minister of education

In Latin America, Protestant churches no longer seek to conquer souls, but also political positions. This is the case of Brazil, which with Milton Ribeiro premieres its third evangelical pastor as Minister of Education of the government of Jair Bolsonaro. Its mission is to leave behind the bad taste that was left behind by its predecessors, including a Colombian. The last nominee did not even take possession because he was found to have misrepresented his resume.

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The President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro.

No to genetic discrimination in Canada

In Canada, genetic tests can no longer be done to access goods, services or contracts, according to a decision by the country’s Supreme Court, which endorsed punishing those who commit genetic discrimination. For example, insurance companies may not require proof of this type to grant life insurance. It will also be illegal to collect, use or communicate the results of a test without the person’s consent. A step forward.

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A tree to celebrate the birth of each child

The traditional red and white hooded bath towel that the Amsterdam government provides to newborn children in the city will soon be forgotten. Mayor Femke Halsema and the councilors decided to look for a more sustainable alternativeSo they will offer a maternity gift to plant a tree or a blanket of organic cotton and plastic waste collected from the sea. The towel was polluting and, in addition, ‘made in China.

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