Covid Tracker, the Irish app appeals much more than StopCovid


In France, nobody was able to miss information. At the beginning of June, the StopCovid application was launched and reached in just a few days the million downloads and this, despite alerts related to security launched by experts .. Covid Tracker, the Irish version for its part has just been launched and in just two days, over a million people installed it and signed up on it as the relay The Guardian.

Covid Tracker trusted by the Irish

Currently, one in five Irish has downloaded the Covid Tracker app. This represents 20% of the population, compared to 3% in France in comparison. This popularity seems to be explained by several factors. On the one hand, Covid Tracker is easy to use. The person installs the application and then has the choice between providing their phone number or the county where they reside and voila. Then everything relies on Bluetooth. Each person can indicate if he has symptoms of the coronavirus, if he is sick and as in France, at the slightest contact of at least 15 minutes from other people, they are then informed that they have been in contact with a person tested positive for coronavirus.

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The popularity of Covid Tracker also appears to be based on the communication made by the Irish government and the trust it has gained. Indeed, for Sean L’Estange, researcher in social sciences at University College Dublin, the download rate shows “ the credibility of the application, confidence in the initiative and enthusiasm to participate in the collective project to fight the virus ».

As for NearForm, the company that created the application, the technical director, Colm Harte says he is satisfied ” We were delighted with the turnout. It exceeded initial hopes ».

The application has yet to prove itself

The effectiveness of Covid Tracker has not yet been fully demonstrated. Sean L’Estrange indicated that the application “ still has to prove itself ” The researcher also clarified that for now and given the proposed application, its price seems to be cheap. Covid Tracker cost Irish health services the sum of € 850,000.

For the Irish health care system, the launch of this app has so far been a success, as business management is usually complicated. Fran Thompson, spokesperson for the Health Service Executive clarified that “ the entire organization focused on the coronavirus. This saved six to eight weeks »Deadline to offer the application as quickly as possible.

Finally, Ireland will now be able to focus on more precise elements, namely the evolution of the adoption of the application by the Irish to reach an even greater number of users, or even the technology used … in particular in public transport. Will they undermine the accuracy of Bluetooth? What will be the margin of error for the application? All these questions could have more or less important consequences on the evolution of the pandemic in the future.

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