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The extraordinary federal prosecutor in charge of investigating relations between the chief prosecutor in Switzerland, Michael Lauber, and the president of the International Football Federation (Fifa), Gianni Infantino (photo), has opened criminal proceedings against the latter.

Stefan Keller has also asked for the lifting of Michael Lauber’s immunity so that he can also initiate criminal proceedings against the Attorney General of the Swiss Confederation, announced Thursday the supervisory authority of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the Confederation (AS-MPC).

Michael Lauber resigned last Friday following a court ruling confirming “breaches of duty” on his part as part of the investigation into the alleged Fifa corruption scandal. He is notably accused of having knowingly made false statements to the supervisory body of the Swiss public prosecutor’s office during a disciplinary investigation relating to several meetings with Gianni Infantino.

Stefan Keller was appointed at the end of June to examine criminal complaints against, among others, Michael Lauber and Gianni Infantino.

The extraordinary prosecutor has now concluded that “there are elements of reprehensible behavior” relating to the meetings between the two men.

Michael Lauber and Gianni Infantino have both denied any rule violations in the past.

In a press release issued by Fifa, Infantino, in office since early 2016, reiterates his commitment to cooperate and says he is at the full disposal of the Swiss authorities.

“We remember well the state of the Fifa institution in 2015 and how fundamental judicial intervention was really necessary to help restore its credibility,” he said.

“In my capacity as president of Fifa, my objective since day one has been and remains to assist the authorities in the investigation of past reprehensible acts of Fifa”, he adds.

On the merits, he assures that meeting the attorney general of the confederation was “perfectly legitimate and perfectly legal”. “This is not a violation of any kind. On the contrary, it is part of the fiduciary obligations of the president of Fifa ”, he adds.


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