Cruel and futile fight of a hockey player: My mother said when she would say goodbye to Ondra


They had been with him until the last moment, sensing that the end was near, although at times some news sounded positive. The young hockey player was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in the heart muscle, which subsequently spread to the lungs.

Although he underwent the first wave of chemotherapy, the spread of the tumor could not be stopped and he was released home among his loved ones after palliative care therapy.

As Czech doctors could not cope with the treatment, Ondřej Buchtela and his loved ones began to seek help abroad. He was even in contact with doctors in Italy, but there was no way to find another attempt at treatment. “Today our beloved Ondra passed through the gate to eternity,” wrote his mother on Friday, July 24.

Photos and memories of a boy who played for all the national youth teams and who had a promising hockey future ahead of him were circulating on social networks. Even before his fight ended, his teammates from the White Tigers of Liberec managed to say goodbye to him. The most touching picture, however, remained the memory of his girlfriend with little Alex, for whom Ondřej Buchtela was a father.

On the day the young hockey player left for eternity, his loved ones published a tattoo on his arm: “Die and rise.”

Over the course of 14 days, friends, hockey players and unknown people were able to send more than 3.5 million crowns to Ondřej Buchtelas transparent account. They were intended for treatment and also for the young hockey player to be able to fulfill the dreams he had …

The last farewell to Ondřej Buchtela will take place on Thursday, July 30, from 12 noon in the Ceremonial Hall in Bystřany.

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