DAGE pinned in two serious “fictitious” DRP files


In the study of the IGE report, the DAGE of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research was pinned on two “fictitious” requests for information and prices (DRP) for a total of almost 48,000,000 FCFA.

Indeed, on page 76 of the said report, the modus operandi of the DAGE is clearly disclosed within the framework of contracts concluded in 2016. This is how it was noted the signing of a DRP of 24,999,480 FCFA for a study. In the report peeled by the editorial staff, it was pointed out that the company chosen was a construction and service company.

The document also indicates that in the file consulted, no report was received. Instead, an administrative certificate has been produced to attest to the achievement of the expected service. In other words, nothing, no supporting document made it possible to establish whether said service was carried out or not despite the signing of a DRP of more than 24 million FCFA.

On the other hand, the report noted immediately that a document was still presented to the mission of the IGE. Verification done, it was produced in 2015, a year earlier, by an individual consultant, paid, in cash, up to 3,000,000 FCFA reveals the audit of the IGE. According to them, it is therefore established that the company selected in 2016 did not prepare any studies, even though it was paid in full.

More serious, even to use the terms used in the document, another DRP relating to the same study with the same terms of reference had been signed on September 4, 2015, for an amount of 23,372,800 FCFA with a company .

In the end, neither of these two companies contacted by the Ministry of Higher Education will have carried out the study which, according to the IGE, relates to the same subject.

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