David Henriquez banned blue shoes in Colo Colo: “The first one he wanted to wear was Alexis Sanchez” | Hit Albo


David Henriquez was captain of the Colo Colo four-time champion and finalist of the South American Cup with Claudio Borghi as DT. Davicho was hurt by the Cacique, because he wanted to retire at the club, but he had to find new directions and he even played at the Catholic University.

However, while he was riding the Colo Colo ride, blue shoes were prohibited on campus. The former defender assured that to each companion who had the intention of using a model of that color, he would remove his booties.

David Henriquez had blue shoes prohibited in Colo Colo

“No pos, no chance. The first one who wanted to wear blue shoes was Alexis (Sanchez), no chance, I took them all away”, He assured in dialogue with Catenaccio Sport through Instagram Live.

Is it from the U Alexis Sanchez? Henriquez responded and lowered the profile of the footballer fan and assured that soccer is a job: “You like a team when you are a kid, but then you see it as a hit, if it is a hit.”

Alexis Sánchez Colo Colo

Alexis Sanchez tried to wear blue shoes at Colo Colo

“So you say, the Colo Colo people are angry because I retired in Catolica, but I should have retired three, four years earlier, because if I didn’t play in Colo Colo I wouldn’t have played in any team. he loved me What are you going to do? You have to continue, if it is your profession, then you will lose sensitivity if you are from one team or another “he finished.

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