Defense of the “Sun” paints a dark portrait of Johnny Depp


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The lawyer for the British newspaper, Sasha Wass, notably cited 14 episodes of violence in her plea. She portrayed the actor as a man transformed into a monster by his excesses.

The three-week trial is due to end on Tuesday with the pleadings of Johnny Depp’s lawyers.


Violent, jealous, in the throes of radical mood swings under the influence of alcohol and drugs: the defense of the “Sun” on Monday painted a grim portrait of Johnny Depp, who is suing the British tabloid for having it described as a violent husband.

For three weeks, the life of the couple that formed the star of “Pirate of the Caribbean” with the American actress Amber Heard, 34, was exposed to its most sordid details before the High Court of London. Between the former spouses, each accuses the other of lying. The “Sun” invokes 14 episodes of violence, all disputed by Johnny Depp.

On the penultimate day of the trial, the newspaper’s lawyer began a plea in the form of an indictment. Sasha Wass crushed the excesses of the 57-year-old actor, “prone to irrational mood swings” when he drank and used narcotics.

“The monster”

“Mr. Depp gave a name to this entity, the monster», She pleaded. The state in which the actor sometimes finds himself because of his excesses even prevents him from having memories, according to her. A lot of evidence has come to the eyes of the lawyer for the daily newspaper to prove the violence of Johnny Depp towards Amber Heard.

No witness witnessed this violence, she conceded, but by nature, violence between spouses takes place “behind closed doors”, “the victim can love the perpetrator”, fear him and refuse to bear complaint.

Amber Heard “loved” Johnny Depp, whom she had met in 2011 on the set of “Rum Express”, the beginnings of their relationship, at a time when Johnny Depp was “clean”, were “idyllic”, continued Sasha Wass . But as of March 2013, Johnny Depp was caught up with his old demons. “Johnny Depp knew that drugs and alcohol could turn him into a monster,” said the lawyer.

To this cocktail is added a “catalyst” to the “explosions” of violence of Johnny Depp: the “jealousy” of the actor towards Amber Heard, whether towards the former companion of the American actress. or the men with whom he lent her extramarital affairs.

Role reversal

Amber Heard, she still hoped to get the man she loved out of his addictions. Faced with what the lawyer calls “overwhelming evidence of domestic violence”, Johnny Depp responds that it is a stunt on the part of Amber Heard and her relatives. The thesis of a planned conspiracy is “laughable”, said the lawyer.

Sasha Wass blasted Johnny Depp’s “attempts” to “reverse the roles”. Drink, drugs, violence, when Johnny Depp is implicated, he accuses Amber Heard of the same evils, she pleaded, justice “is not there to determine who drank the most, who took the most of drugs ”.

“It does not matter in court whether Amber Heard returned the blows or even lost her nerves,” she pleaded, “the question is whether Mr. Depp committed unlawful violence against Miss Heard », That is to say outside the context of self-defense.

The way out is near

She dismissed the thesis of an Amber Heard driven by the greed, recalling that the divorce agreement between the two spouses provided that the millions of dollars paid by Johnny Depp would be intended for associations fighting against violence made to women.

Amber Heard is not at the origin of this trial, the lawyer added. “She is not a party to this lawsuit and she told the court from the witness box that the last thing she wanted was her or Johnny Depp to be ridiculed.”

The trial is due to end on Tuesday with the pleadings of Johnny Depp’s lawyers. The judgment will then be reserved at a later date.


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