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A few weeks after being the victim of a shooting from which she fortunately escaped unscathed, rapper Megan Thee Stallion received a sizable gift from two big music stars.

Indeed, Beyonce and Rihanna wanted to send him flowers to express their support after this traumatic incident.

On Instagram, the performer of ‘Hot Girl Summer’ shared a photo of the flowers Beyonce sent, also showing the little thoughtful note sent to her by the singer, which read: “My queen, I’m sending you all my love. God bless you, Beyonce. ”

Megan wrote in the caption: “Thank you very much.”

Rihanna also sent the rapper a bouquet, writing in a note accompanying the flowers: “I wish you a quick and full recovery Meg! Know that you have a lot of people supporting you and sending you good vibes! Love, of Rihanna and the Fenty gang. ”

A few days ago, Megan had tears in her eyes during a live Instagram session, revealing that she had actually been shot in both feet and calling the experience absolutely horrifying.

The 25-year-old admitted that the operation she then had to undergo was “scary”, explaining: “I was shot in both feet and had to be operated on to have the bullets removed. . It was scary.”

Megan also insisted that what happened to her shouldn’t be the subject of jokes, adding:

“I see a lot of people making up stories, but I also see people who support me tremendously and send their prayers to me, so I am very grateful to you. It really was the worst experience of my life and it is not. funny. There is no point in laughing about it or inventing lies. I didn’t put my hand up on anyone. I didn’t deserve to be shot. ”

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