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Due to tightened mask requirements in Mallorca: more and more holidaymakers are canceling


Tourists don’t want to wear masks all the time

Another blow for tourism in Mallorca

The Hotel Association of the Balearic Islands (ACH) and the Association of Hotel Entrepreneurs of Mallorca (FEHM) confirmed that all chains have had a number of cancellations since the tightened mask requirement was announced. German and British tourists in particular have apparently lost interest in the island.

ACH President Gabriel Llobera said that this would negate the tendency towards recovery that tourism in Mallorca recently experienced. In the Spanish newspaper “Última Hora” he criticizes: “One can say that the decision for this measure comes at the worst possible moment.”

“It gives the impression that there is a problem”

According to Llobera, the German tour operator TUI has also confirmed the increasing number of cancellations: “For tourists, there is the impression that there is a problem. You have to be very careful with these types of regulations, especially if they surprise business owners so much,” he explains the “Última Hora”.

Hotel reservations in Catalonia have also declined significantly in recent days, says Gabriel Escarrer Jaume, CEO of the Melia hotel chain. “Knowing that you have to wear a mask everywhere is simply not attractive,” he says. The tourists would now switch to regions in Spain where the rules are not as strict.

FEHM President Maria Frontera hopes that the government will reconsider its decision: “If you keep the minimum distance of 1.5 meters, a mask is not necessary,” she explains to the “Última Hora”.

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