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Duvan Vergara is currently one of the outstanding players in Colombian soccer, but at 23 he already had a terrible experience in international soccer.

A year and a half ago, the midfielder emigrated to Rosario Central, in Argentina, but the experience there was terrible and they left him for several months without paying his salary, in addition to the lies that were told about him outside the field of play.

In dialogue with Carlos Arango, the striker from Monterrey told how that moment was when he received the news that he would play in Argentina, which made him very happy.

“One day the president of Envigado called me to tell me that they had sold me to Argentina, to Rosario Central and I left in tears. I only told the prop and the next day I went to Medellin to talk about it, “he said.

And is that at that time he really wanted to leave Envigado to a more important club and that option did not hesitate to accept it. But the experience there was not at all pleasant and he knew that since he arrived.

“From the beginning it was bad. They told me that I was going to earn a salary and I ended up earning another one. They said that I had a bad knee, that supposedly I had screwed up the menisci, but that that didn’t stop me from playing, although if I got injured from that they took half of my salary. It was more than anything like a business, “he said. And then he added:” They told me he was going to earn $ 8,000, it was like 25 million and when I got there they came out with another, but I took it because I didn’t want to go back to Envigado. I ended up earning like 10 million, but I did not give up the money for the change to pesos. It was very rare. “

And he was not well advised either: “The one who took me lacked it. He earned his commission and left, he left me lying. I spent two months in a hotel with my mom. When I left the hotel, they charged me and didn’t even pay me. Everything was wrong, I fell like the world because I with my mother in a country that we did not know and the truth that my mother and I cried a lot. You are supposed to be bought because it is going to change your life and it was not like that. “

Duvan Vergara hope of attack for America.


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His instance in Rosario, although difficult, was more bearable because Jarlan Barrera was also in that city and he helped him to have better living conditions.

“Jarlan came from Junior and had savings. When we got an apartment, he helped me and bought us a blender, a television. They are things that nobody knows, what happened very bad there, “said Vergara.

And that money was what supported the player, since he himself reported that “they paid the entire team except Jarlan Barrera, Oscar Cabezas and me,” the three Colombians who were at the time at the club.

And in conclusion, Vergara is clear in stating that “it was very difficult to perform under the conditions that I was there. I was not well. My heart was bad because I didn’t play, they didn’t pay me, sometimes I didn’t even have anything to eat and Jarlan was the one who helped me. “

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