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Why It Matters Who Becomes Joe Biden’s Vice Presidential Candidate.

US politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Image: Reuters


Can a black, a Hispanic, a lesbian, or a very left vice presidential candidate alongside Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden be the deciding factor in preventing Donald Trump’s re-election? All the experience of previous presidential elections shows that the old or new president has to win or lose his or her election in the end. And ultimately, ethnic, sexual, or radical positions do not ultimately make a decision for voters.

Nevertheless, Biden’s promise to appoint a woman as a vice has historical weight beyond any electoral speculation. An old man – Biden is 77 – finally opens the way for Americas women of the next generation and the one after that to all future leadership positions. If the duo wins, the vice 2024 has the best chance of becoming president in a campaign of its own. Or, what Biden desires, it has a constitutional duty to become the Commander-in-Chief of the United States.

The time is past when women wanted to fight for half of heaven through the desire for equality. Now it’s all about power. In recent years, it has become clear that women with this claim end up repeatedly falling into the “structural disadvantage on the basis of their gender”, as the EU politician Katarina Barley puts it; So in the second row, on the saucepan and in the diapers. This trap continues to determine the everyday life of a majority of women. This is completely independent of the fact that women have outperformed men in all areas of life, science and business in the past 50 years.

Biden’s vice becomes a woman

There is no question that the candidates for the Democratic Vice-President could lead the world power No. 1, who is still in office, competently and responsibly. There is Kamala Harris, Senator for California, previously Minister of Justice there. Tammy Duckworth, Illinois Senator and highly decorated helicopter pilot in the Iraq war. Susan Rice, Obamas many years of world-experienced security consultant. Michelle Lujan Grisham, longtime senator and current governor of New Mexico. Val Demings, first chief of the Florida Police Department and now Congresswoman. Keisha Lance Bottoms, Mayor of the metropolis of Atlanta, recognized nationwide for her intrepid Covid 19 course. And finally Elizabeth Warren, law professor at Harvard and very close in content to the twice failed left applicant Bernie Sanders.

And behind it already the next generation of young women is acting on the political stage, led by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, 30. The charismatic power of the Congresswoman for New York was shown last week in her answer speech to the “fucking bitch” Insult to Republican Ted Yoho. Ocasio-Cortez stands for a new generation of young women who not only want a thoroughly renewed America, but have also set out to win the majorities and the necessary power.

The numerous demonstrative participation of women in the protests surrounding the police murder of George Floyd and finally the “Wall of Moms”, which first stood in Portland and now nationwide between Trump’s police forces and their protesting children, testify to the growing political awareness among women in the United States and the backing that women’s politicians are gaining in society. Whether, however, a future vice president and later U.S. president alone because she is a woman who shares the profound, in part openly civil war-like division between the liberal elites on the coasts of both oceans and the economically and culturally deemed whites in Central America can turn a political program constructively?

USA under pressure to reform

The USA is under enormous pressure to reform. For example, you need a healthcare reform that guarantees everyone safe access to affordable healthcare. You need an end to student loans and free access to all universities for those who are suitable. The disarmament of the private sector must finally be enforced, immigration rules for the USA as a safe haven for the whole world must be readjusted in a legally binding and controllable manner, America must resume its moral and political leadership role for the democratic part of the world in every respect and and and and … Such a fundamental reform agenda cannot be implemented with the women’s perspective on the world alone. This also requires other political leadership skills. However, the promise of a women’s age is linked to the hope of profound change, even if this change must and will be adapted to the reality constraints of everyday political life.

In Europe, the CDU politicians Merkel and von der Leyen, but also the prime ministers in Finland, Estonia, Denmark and the strong women in Sweden, also taking into account the diverse constraints in which they were and are involved, have already shown that under the leadership of women, it is possible to significantly expand the political framework for action for women and men in their societies at all levels and deep into everyday life. Against this background, it is astonishing that in the next Bundestag election after the many Merkel years, the top candidates of the three major parties could all be men. Unless the Greens headed Annalena Baerbock as the top candidate and potential chancellor.

It is a seductive, motivating idea: a green chancellor, the CDU commission president in Brussels and an American president from the Democrats will restore the unity of the free West in the coming years and together with their societies find the ways that the old ones Leading industrial societies into their ecological future.

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