Emmanuel Macron unleashed during a football match, he sends a young player to the ground! (VIDEO)


The President of the Republic was this Wednesday in Chambord where he participated in workshops to occupy young people deprived of vacation. He even agreed to drop the jacket to play football, with more or less success …
There is nothing, it plays! The Head of State was traveling this Wednesday to Chambord, to deploy the government’s program towards young people. With a complicated school year, often compromised vacations, and a back-to-school period that is also shaping up to be very difficult, young people should be at the center of the executive’s attention in the coming months. Emmanuel Macron therefore made a speech, but he also participated in workshops of a somewhat special summer camp, for those who will not be going on vacation. If the chief Thierry marx was present to give cooking lessons, Emmanuel Macron also wanted to wet his shirt, while continuing to wear his mask, now mandatory (and paying!).

It plays !

As an inveterate supporter of Olympique de Marseille, but also of football, the head of state could not refuse to participate in a small game of football … Images that gave rise to a scene quite surreal, where we see the president (in the team of blue chasubles, as if by chance) in the attack, on the left side of the field. Obviously quite comfortable with the ball at the foot, it seems however that he has some gaps to measure his shots! And it is not his opponent of the day, dressed in an orange outfit, who will say the opposite, he who took the ball in the face! A rather violent blow, since it unbalanced the player who fell and lost his cap in his fall. Not enough to stop the game, according to the referee, but Emmanuel Macron, who also knows how to greet his sports opponents, still asked him if he was okay.

An OM jersey visible throughout the speech

A concern that did not prevent him from continuing to play … and missing his frame! Moments later, the president had chosen to give a new nod to football and his club. While he was making his speech, alongside the Minister of Labor, Elisabeth Borne, and Jean-Michel Blanquer, Minister of Education, the Head of State had chosen to place a young participant, dressed in the jersey of OM, behind him. A judicious placement, since the young man was visible throughout the speech, broadcast live on the news channels! No coincidence …

Today’s matches live

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