First dog with coronavirus infection in the US is dead


Sheepdog “Buddy” put to sleep
First dog with confirmed coronavirus infection in the USA is dead

Mourning for Buddy: The first dog in the United States, which was confirmed to have a coronavirus infection, is dead. The owners of the seven-year-old German Shepherd had the seriously ill animal put to sleep in mid-July.

Buddy was ill in April – around the same time that his owner Robert Mahoney was recovering from Covid 19 disease. The German Shepherd had a stuffy nose and had difficulty breathing. His condition worsened over the weeks. He had spit out blood clots, blood in the urine and could not walk.

“Without a doubt, I thought it was positive (for the corona virus),” Mahoney, who lives in New York State, told National Geographic magazine. But getting a test was difficult: Not only were many veterinary practices closed due to the pandemic. Many veterinarians were also skeptical that animals could become infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus. In addition, there has long been a lack of corona testing in the United States – so it was reserved for people.

Finally, Buddy got a test that turned out to be positive. Veterinarians later found out that the dog had cancer. This leads to the question of whether animals – like humans – are more susceptible to the virus with previous illnesses. Mahoney and his wife Allison finally put Buddy to sleep on July 11th.

So far, little is known about the risk of infection and the consequences of the coronavirus for pets. According to the National Geographic, twelve dogs and ten cats have so far been tested positive for the virus in the United States.

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