flights between France and China are reduced


Transport: flights between France and China are reduced

It is the French Embassy which announces this Monday morning, France now limits to a single weekly flight the service of its territory by Chinese airlines.

It is a measure of “reciprocity”, according to the French Embassy.

China, the first country hit by the coronavirus pandemic, had drastically reduced its links with the rest of the world at the end of March for fear of further contamination. Beijing has however authorized since 8 June several foreign companies, including Air France, to operate a weekly service to and from its territory.

On the other hand, the three main Chinese companies (Air China, China Eastern, China Southern) could so far each make a weekly flight China-France, that is to say three in total. The French authorities are seeking to guarantee the same rights for Air France, with three weekly connections to China. But in the absence of progress in the negotiations, the French authorities therefore decide to apply “strict reciprocity since last Friday,” said the French embassy.

Concretely, this amounts to eliminating two flights a week for Chinese companies. The China Southern and China Eastern flights scheduled for this week to France have been canceled, according to the timetables published online, reports Agence France Presse. An Air China flight from Beijing to Paris was still announced for this Monday.

In early June, China announced a very limited resumption of international flights, after a threat from Washington to suspend the flights of Chinese companies in the United States.

However, foreign companies must first obtain the green light from the city of arrival, which complicates procedures and causes flight prices to soar.

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