Following 3 Polri Generals, One Attorney Is Uninstalled Regarding Djoktjan


Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Fugitive fugitive claim (assignment) Bank Bali Djoko Tjandra again led to the removal of law enforcement officers. After previously the Polri officer was removed from his position, it is now his turn to cope who are victims.

Attorney General’s Office, on Wednesday (29/7) announced that it had removed the Head of the Monitoring and Evaluation Subdivision 2 at the Planning Bureau for the Deputy Attorney General for Development, Pinangki Sirnamalasari from his position. The prosecutor was removed because it was proven to meet the fugitive in Malaysia.

Pictures of him and Djoko Tjandra even spread on social media.

“The results of the supervisory inspection related to the inspection of cases on this issue have been completed and the leadership dropped severe discipline. This means that it was nonjobed to the reported party,” said the Head of the Attorney General’s Legal Information Center, Hari Setiyono, at the AGO Complex, Jakarta, Wednesday (29 / 7).

Pinangki removal is based on the Deputy Attorney General Decree No. KEP-IV-041 / B / WJA / 07/2020 dated July 29, 2020 regarding Severe Disciplinary Punishment in the Form of Release from Structural Position.

In this case, the internal investigation was carried out by the Attorney General’s Office after a photo circulating showing Pinangki taking a photo with Djoko Tjandra and his lawyer, Anita Kolopaking in Malaysia in 2019.

Then, after going through the process of clarification and examination, Pinangki was declared violating discipline because of traveling abroad without written permission from the leadership. However, the Attorney General’s Office has not been able to ask for the photo clarification from Djoko Tjandra because it is still at large.

The Attorney General’s Office refers to Article 3 number 17 of Government Regulation No. 53 of 2010, it is stated that every civil servant must obey the applicable official regulations.

One of them, the rules in the Attorney General Circular Letter Number: 018 / JA / 11/1982 dated November 11, 1982 concerning Simplicity of Life, Counseling Attorney General Circular Number: B-1181 / B / BS / 07/19 87 dated July 6, 1987 concerning Implementation Guidelines for Obtaining Travel Permits Abroad and a letter from the Deputy Attorney General for Intelligence Number B-012 / D.1 / 01/1987 dated January 8, 1987 regarding the clerance entry.

“Therefore the results of the clarification were increased to inspect cases,” he said.

Hari said Pinangki had traveled abroad nine times without obtaining written permission from the leadership. Pinangki is said to go to Singapore and Malaysia using their own money.

During one of the meetings, Pinangki met Djoko Tjandra, who was wanted by the Adhyaksa Corps. However, the prosecutor’s office did not want to reveal the reasons for the Pinangki and Djoko Tjandra meetings in Malaysia.

From this disciplinary sanction, Pinangki, as the reported party, can file an objection or receive a sentence. Later, if Pinangki accepts, the Attorney General’s Office will hold the office of dismissal.

Pinangki added to the list of law enforcement officers who were removed because they were suspected of being in contact with fugitive Djoko Tjandra. Prior to this, Polri institutions had removed three generals because they had stumbled over this case.

They were Brigadier General Prasetijo Utomo who was removed from the position of the Head of the Coordination and Supervision of the PPNS Bareskrim Polri, Inspector General Napoleon Bonaparte was removed from the position of Head of the Division of International Relations, and Brigadier General Nugroho Slamet Wibowo from the position of Secretary of NCB Interpol Indonesia.

Even now, Prasetijo has been charged with a criminal case and has been named as a suspect in a case of allegedly issuing fake road letters to smooth Djoko Tjandras steps while traveling in Indonesia.

He was ensnared in Article 263 paragraphs (1) and (2) of the Criminal Code juncto Article 55 paragraph (1) 1st E of the Criminal Code and Article 426 paragraph (1) of the Criminal Code and or Article 221 paragraph (1) of the 2nd Criminal Code. The articles, alleged that the suspect had made and used fake letters, helped the person whose liberty was confiscated (Djoko Tjandra), to the point of obstructing the investigation. One-star general threatened with six years in prison.

South Grogol Village Chief Asep Subah previously had already been a victim. Proven to help in issuing an electronic ID card for Djoko Tjandra, Asep was removed from his position as headman.

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