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Servette did not make it easy for Neuchatel Xamax and Sion. By taking the water 5-1 in Thun, the Genevans put the Oberlanders on the path to staying in the Super League.

Servette will not be a solidarity-based Romand. It is not so much ill will. At least as regards this Wednesday when the Garnet had to do without a bunch of holders (Cognat, Iapichino, Sasso, Imeri, Tasar…) and therefore had to compose. The first match of the young Frenchman Matteo Mazzolini (19 years old) in the left side position was complicated, like the nightmare of Nicolas Vouilloz in the axis. Young people not necessarily ready to make Servette a European and who sank with the others in Thun.

This result therefore does not help Servette in her quest for fourth place, although it is still up to Zurich and Lucerne to do the job. But the first injured are undoubtedly Sion and Neuchatel Xamax. Thun did not plan to drop his eighth place, guaranteeing serenity. Even if Valaisans are theoretically up to the Oberlanders with their two fewer matches and, above all, the confrontation that will oppose them on Saturday at Tourbillon. For Neuchatel Xamax, on the other hand, only the place of barrage still seems to be a suitable possibility.

Tosetti met Thoune in verve

Anyway, in the absence of accounting guarantees, Thun can rest on a collective game that allows him to consider his future in the Super League. Either the one thanks to which he escaped the purgatory which stretched out his arms to him at Christmas and to find a success which escaped him. And then, he can also count with a very useful tactical argument when the points become capital: the set pieces.

Wednesday, the Bernese had it in spades. This is not the best idea when you have to face Matteo Tosetti. The Servettians learned it the hard way, since the Ticino midfielder has twice found a teammate from a corner: the head of Nikki Havenaar (8th), then the shoulder of Chris Kablan (32nd). A good way to make a game easy. And to kill him, Thun relied instead on the speed of a Ridge Munsy, who scored the third and fifth in the second half on quick offensive transitions. The forward has passed the ten goal mark, all in 2020.

Servette, he may have lived the match too many, after having chained St. Gallen, Young Boys and Basel. Or he more or less ignored it. Because in the three matches he has left, he will receive Xamax (Sunday) and Sion (on the last day, August 3). Derby shoes that don’t really make you want to give gifts.

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