Freed: Karim Xrum Xax apologizes and tackles the “masonic” republic of Senegal (video)


First face to face of Karim Xrum Xax after his release from prison. After thanking the Senegalese people, he returned to the circumstances of his arrest denouncing the behavior of the Senegalese authorities.

From the outset, the activist made a point of clarifying his thought by describing the gendarmes as Freemasons on the video that led to his arrest. “In reality, I was referring to the Republic, the institutions, the Constitution, which make religion out of the functioning of the administration, of the State. I respect the police, I just spoke with anger, I recognize him and I apologize… ”, he said.

“It is not normal in a country like Senegal, that an 78-year-old imam is arrested because he was praying”, regrets Abdou Karim Gueye, who thinks that religion is almost buried by State.

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