Fresh start at the Swiss Startup Association: More power for the startup country Switzerland


(Winterthur)(PPS) The Swiss Startup Association (SSA) has been committed to a successful Swiss startup scene for five years. The goal is to make Switzerland number one among European startup hotspots. The startup funding association is now ready to tackle these plans …

Switzerland is to become one of the most founder-friendly countries in Europe. The Swiss Startup Association (SSA) is striving for this vision with freshly gained power from its new launch in spring 2020. With a young, motivated team and a network of experienced supporters, the SSA acts as a mouthpiece for Swiss start-ups. It represents the interests and points of view of startups vis-a-vis the economy, politics and society.

Representing the startup ecosystem

The non-profit organization represents startups regardless of industry and with the intention of involving all members of the startup ecosystem. Startups, investors, companies, authorities, foundations and educational institutions fall into this category. Cooperation between the individual players is actively promoted. «As the Federal Councilor and head of the Department of Economics, Education and Research, I appreciate it when Swiss startups network better and support each other. I am looking forward to counting on a competent contact person with the Swiss Startup Association in the future », says Guy Parmelin, Bundesrat.

With the help of the Advisory Board, which consists of experienced founders, investors, politicians and other startup-related personalities, the Swiss startup ecosystem is represented democratically, heterogeneously and representatively.

Strengthen and promote the Swiss economic engine

In recent years, Switzerland has set enormous records for investment in startups and, at the end of 2019, there were also 44,612 start-ups, which the Swiss commercial register has never recorded before. Despite the pandemics critical worldwide, the figure is 4,445 in June 2020 still high.

Investments are increasing and with it the chance that our economic strength will flourish with the help of successful startups. In particular, they create jobs, generate income that can be spent and invested domestically.

In order to build on this positive trend, the SSA will launch projects in the future that place the interests of startups and the topic of entrepreneurship in society and politics. «We promote innovative entrepreneurship, bring the startup mentality into society and represent the interests of startups vis-a-vis legislation, administration and the public. As a nationwide network, we connect all startups, founders and their friends with one another if possible », explains Raphael Tobler, President Swiss Startup Association.

With the first project, “How to get funding in Switzerland”, the SSA wants to draw attention to the financing options in startups. The SSA is also working, for example, on establishing an entrepreneur week at secondary schools in order to draw attention to the topic as early as possible. It also offers a wide range of member benefits for startups.

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