Google promises spectacular for battery life and performance


The Google Chrome browser has undeniable qualities in terms of performance in particular, but it also has the reputation of being particularly energy-consuming with a large consumption of resources, such as RAM.

In the context of an article published by the Wall Street Journal, Max Christoff, director of engineering for Google’s browser, talks about a ” continuous investment in improving speed, performance and battery life.

Especially on a Mac laptop, it sparkles a ” dramatic impact ” to come up ” on battery and performance. “This enthusiasm is correlated with better prioritization of active tabs and by limiting the consumption of resources of tabs open in the background.

It must undoubtedly be seen as an allusion to an experimental functionality Throttle Javascript timers in background which appeared in the flags of preliminary versions of the browser (a priori for Chrome 86). And it’s not just about macOS, but also for Windows, Linux, Chrome OS and Android.

According to a technical document from the Chromium team identified by TheWindowsClub at the beginning of the month, JavaScript timers (for execution at time intervals) would often be irrelevant to the user when the page is in the background.

We have hypothesized that reducing the number of wake-ups by JavaScript timers in a background page could extend battery life, without breaking the user experience, like a freeze. […] Alarm clocks in the background pages are already limited to one per second, or around 1% of CPU usage.

Google is experimenting with limiting such activations to one per minute. With a MacBook Pro and for opening 36 tabs in the background and an empty tab in the foreground, the battery life is extended by almost 2 hours. With a YouTube tab in the foreground, the gain is more modest (around 36 minutes).

During the presentation of macOS Big Sur (macOS 11.0) with Safari 14, Apple touted a Safari browser with a more efficient JavaScript engine and capable of being up to 50% faster on average compared to Google Chrome for loading of the most visited sites. Apple has since added that Safari extends the battery life by an hour of browsing and up to three hours of video streaming compared to Chrome and Firefox.

Apple doesn’t attack Google – and Chrome – only in terms of privacy …

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