Great races and no corona fall


Two successful races, top TV scores and no positive Corona test – only the missing fans clouded the mood at the organizer.

Spielberg has mastered the late but historic start of Formula One in Austria in spite of the difficult general conditions. Authorized representative Gustav Fenz, responsible for marketing and sales in the Spielberg project, therefore gave a positive assessment. Only the lack of fans will be remembered as unfortunate.

APA: Two exciting Formula 1 races in Spielberg, not a positive Corona case. As an organizer, you can be satisfied despite the lack of fans, right?

Fenz: “We are extremely happy with how it all went. The discipline of the teams and the staff was really great. Everyone kept to the guidelines, there was not a single positive test. It turned out exactly what we actually dreamed of to have.”

APA: Were no vulnerabilities found?

Fenz: “It’s almost cheesy, but it worked from day one. We didn’t really have anything to readjust.”

APA: One or the other driver may not have been so precise about staying in his safety bubble, right?

Fenz: “Everyone has their own responsibility. But you have to see the big picture. I assume that the drivers know what they are doing. We do not see it negatively. It is a big train, a lot can happen. At least here We were able to make sure that the risk could be minimized completely on site. This was also ensured by regular tests. ”

APA: Can the safety and health concept of Formula 1 in Spielberg serve as a template for other events?

Fenz: “The concept is very sophisticated. Many have helped to develop it. I can well imagine that it will be used elsewhere or that part of it will be used.”

APA: After months of preparation, everything worked out, even rumors of a third Formula 1 race in Spielberg are off the table. What’s next at the Red Bull Ring?

Fenz: “The route is fully booked until November. For us, the MotoGP will count from Monday.”

APA: There is only a month until then, but it will be driven again without spectators and under corona conditions. What can you take away from Formula 1?

Fenz: “The plan is that the Formula 1 concept in MotoGP will be implemented to a very similar extent. So again locks, one-way systems, test stations and so on. The basic hygiene system with regard to entry, catering, quarantine remains basically the same. We believe but that MotoGP will be a little easier to handle because we will have fewer people on site than in Formula 1. We will incorporate all of the lessons learned from Formula 1 into the concept for MotoGP. ”

APA: Are you as a merchant bleeding from loss of ticket revenue? Last year, over 200,000 fans came to the track.

Fenz: “It is not the financial thing in the first place, but rather that we were not allowed to greet the fans on the track. For us it is the reward to see happy people who can spend a nice weekend here with us always in the foreground.”

APA: What is your conclusion after two successful and safe Formula 1 weekends under corona conditions?

Fenz: “I think it has become visible for many big events that even without fans on site there is an athletic fair and important competition that many can watch on TV at home. But of course we hope that the situation will improve so relaxed next year that we can once again fully implement events. ”

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