Hong Kong: US calls for “free and fair” elections after Chinese warning


“Congratulations to the pro-democracy (parties) of Hong Kong on this successful primary,” tweeted US Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo on Tuesday in response to the vote held the day before. “The election of the Legislative Council in September will also have to be free and fair,” he added.

“We note, with serious concern, the threat by Hong Kong executive chief Carrie Lam that this primary may have violated Beijing’s new law on national security in this territory, which shows once again that the Chinese Communist Party is afraid of democracy and the free will of its own people, “added the secretary of state in a statement.

China calls vote “serious provocation”

More than 600,000 Hong Kong people took part in the unofficial poll this weekend despite warnings by the authorities that it may violate the new law imposed by Beijing.

This election was organized by the pro-democracy camp to designate the candidates who will run for seats in September in the Legislative Council (LegCo), the local parliament. China has called these primaries a “serious provocation.”

The pro-democracy parties hope that the roaring anger among the people of Hong Kong against the Chinese regime will allow them to obtain a majority in parliament, despite a balanced electoral system favorable to Beijing. A takeover of Parliament would allow them to hinder the vote on budgets and laws and this now seems to be one of the rare windows of fire allowing the pro-democracy camp to express its opposition.

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