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Confinement has changed us all and it is clear that there are codes, ways of acting and other elements that will not be as they have been until now, at least for a time. At work, many companies have had to adapt to teleworking in order to continue their work, and it seems that many have opted for portable computers to continue working.

These days of confinement, internet companies have “invited” companies like Google, Netflix or Disney to lower the quality of their streaming platforms with the intention of safeguarding bandwidth worldwide so that we could all continue playing, working or watching series and movies without cuts in the process.

In the Laboral scene, business digitization in recent months has caused the laptop sales market to grow compared to the same period last year. Huawei has published some figures that demonstrate this increase in sales, and the truth is that the change and impressive.

According to the report of the Chinese company, During the months of April, May and June there has been an increase of 175% in sales of laptops in Spain compared to the same period in 2019. According to Fabio Arena, Product Manager at Huawei Spain, this is due to a transition to stable teleworking.

The logical thing would be to think that the sale of equipment increased during the first weeks of confinement, but Huawei data tells us about a month of June in which April sales doubled, month in which telework began to normalize.

This situation may help to implement teleworking in many companies perfectly suited for it and, thus, raise the statistic that placed us in position 19 out of 28 in terms of jobs in mobility. According to these figures, only 7.5% of employees teleworked, far from the 13.5% European average.

Huawei AI Cube is the smart speaker from Huawei powered by Alexa, which comes to claim its piece of cake in the growing demand that is expected during 2019. After using them for a few weeks, this is our analysis of the Huawei AI Cube.

However, What teams do users bet on? Huawei has given details of its own, of course, and the one that stands out is the MateBook D15. It is a laptop with a very good quality / price ratio (it costs 599 euros in the Huawei store) and it is the model that has accounted for 57% of the sales of Huawei laptops during the second quarter. In addition to being a team equipped for teleworking, it stands out for having a weight of only 1.5 kg, which makes it perfect for work on the move.

In the entertainment industry, the numbers also reflect that we’ve spent a lot of time at home.. A few days ago we attended a round of questions and answers from Acer in which its managers confessed that the equipment to play had increased sales during the quarantine and we have also seen video games or consoles, such as the Nintendo Switch, which have been sold out in some establishments due to demand.

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