“I worry a lot about other big cities”


Has the whole of Belgium paid the costs of the health situation in Antwerp? Or is Bart De Wever’s town just a taste of what awaits the whole country in a few weeks? The debate rages on the day after the announcement of new measures to fight the Covid-19 epidemic.

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It started with a number of wedding parties, hookah bars, fitness center, lists Bart De Wever. We analyzed all of this data. We are fortunate in Antwerp to have close contact with people on the front lines.

And the mayor of Antwerp added, pointing his eyes towards Brussels: “So we have the data quickly, faster than elsewhere in the country. I’m also worried about other big cities and what they really know about the situation..”

“In Antwerp, we know very quickly what is going on”

Selon Bart De Wever, “the president of the association of general practitioners has already indicated that little is known about the figures in Brussels. We walk a little blind, we only see things when admissions increase in the hospital. In Antwerp, we have very close links with the first line. We have an excellent network of general practitioners and hospitals, triage centers. We know very quickly what’s going on“.

But, continues the leader of the N-VA, “the disadvantage in Antwerp is that the foci are quickly brought to light and the city is thus singled out. I deeply regret this and find that some political statements are below all standards.

According to Bart De Wever’s spokesperson quoted by the Belga agency, the mayor will continue to “monitor the situation and possibly take additional measures if necessary“in Antwerp. The mayor asks everyone to”respect the rules and take responsibility“, added the spokesperson.

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