ICU occupation for covid-19 in Cali is already 95%, indicated the Secretary of Health


Julio 11, 2020 – 04:23 p. m.
By: Drafting of El Pais

Miyerlandi Torres, secretary of Public Health of Cali, reported this Saturday that the occupancy of the beds in Intensive Care Units, ICU, for the care of patients with covid-19 is already 95%.

“Of 397 designated covid beds in Cali, 385 are confirmed and suspected covid patients, and more than 95% of exclusive covid beds are occupied,” said the Secretary.

Against this background, Miyerlandi Torres celebrated the delivery of the mechanical fans that President Ivan Duque brought to the Valle del Cauca and that will allow expanding the attention capacity in the region.

“The Champagnat Clinic, the Clinica del Sur Unidos por la Vida, will have 10 more fans, this will expand our capacity (…) and this is a respite that allows us a better capacity for the population”, manifested.

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The official also referred to the exposition of the strategies that will be implemented in Valle del Cauca to face the coronavirus pandemic.

“Today we also present some of the protocol that the city has to improve capacity and to provide home management, obviously under medical criteria, to those at high risk for mild respiratory symptoms. [por covid-19]. It is a proposal that can impact or reduce complications to refer to intensive care and we will do all the necessary process to legitimize it and be able to apply it quickly where the health authority has authorized us, “he said.

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