I’m going to put on a mouthpiece when there is no corruption: AMLO


President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said that he will wear a face mask only when “there is no longer corruption” in Mexico.

This in response to the announcement by PAN deputies that they will file an amparo for the president to wear a mask.

“I was seeing yesterday, I do not know if it is true, that the PAN have already filed a complaint because they want me to put on a mask. I’m going to put on a mask, you know when? when there is no corruption anymore, then I wear a mask, “said the president in his morning conference.

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This Thursday, Carlos Castanos Valenzuela, spokesman for the PAN parliamentary group in the Chamber of Deputies, said they will file an amparo “to compel the President of the Republic to wear face masks.”

These to be forced to use it due to the relevance that Lopez Obrador has as a public figure and to give a message to the population that they should use it.

Last week the president said that He will only use a mouthpiece in places where it is necessary or mandatory, since keeping the healthy distance as suggested by the Secretary of Health, Jorge Alcocer and Undersecretary Hugo Lopez-Gatell, is enough.

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“Both Dr. Alcocer and Dr. Hugo Lopez-Gatell have told me that I do not need a face mask if I keep a healthy distance and in places where it is necessary or is a norm, not to say obligatory, because I put it there They ask for it on the plane, I put it on the plane, in the office where I constantly receive citizens from leaders of all social organizations, ”he said on Friday, July 24 in his morning conference from Oaxaca.

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