In Central they were going to give me a salary and they gave me another


And one day Duvan Vergara spoke about what the fleeting passage through Arroyito represented. “What starts badly ends badly. In Central They were going to give me a salary and they gave me another. They said I had a bad knee, that my meniscus was screwed up, and the representative I had took his commission and left me lying, ”said the skillful midfielder without hesitation in a talk with a Colombian radio program.

The skillful Colombian then made a cruel and sincere confession. “Thank God I played the games I played. But it was complicated in the conditions it was in. It wasn’t right, I didn’t play, I wasn’t paid and sometimes I didn’t have anything to eat. And Jarlan Barrera was the one who helped me, ”he said.

Finally, he laid down a clear reality. “How could I be a friend of the night in Argentina if I didn’t have money? When he came to America from Cali they had said that he was a drinker and had a bad elbow. Thank God, Don Tulio Gomez (shareholder of America) did not copy any of that ”, closed the footballer who ended up leaving good economic dividends for the rogue treasury.

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