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It’s okay to not be okay has established itself as one of the dramas who has become more curious among his audience, due to his dark fantasy story, fabulous costumes, settings and production process.

TvN, the chain in charge of distributing It’s okay to not be okay, shared an interview with Park Sung Jin, director of visual effects for kdrama.

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Park Sung Jin, director de efectos visuales de It’s okay to not be okay. Credito: Instagram

The specialist begins by explaining the process of creating Go Moon Young’s ‘cursed castle’ (Seo Ye Ji).

“When I read the (technical) script the first time, I was delighted with the description of Go Moon Young’s house.”

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay: Go Moon Young’s (cursed castle) (Seo Ye Ji) uses CGI technology. Credit: Instagram

“It’s not every day that I get to work with a stage like this in Romantic Kdramas. I also knew that if it is portrayed incorrectly, the house could look out of place. ”

“The house, the surrounding mountains and the interior of the house, like the chandelier, are created with VFX. The balcony required additional work because it is a crucial space for Go Moon Young and Moon Gang Tae. It had to be driven by fantasy, but still realistic, “said Park Sung Jin.

However, the specialist pointed to a scene in which he specified that it was a great challenge for his team and that it took two months of work.

This would be the sequence of the flight of Kwon Ki Do (Kwak Dong Yeon) seen in the third episode.

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“The car flew overhead in slow motion and the return to reality required a lot of 3D graphic work. To complete that scene I had over 20 artists working for almost two months. ”

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