John Lennon, the lonely traveler without a compass


It is full of anger and resentment that John Lennon approaches the 1970s. Rolling Stone: “You have to completely humiliate yourself to be what The Beatles were, and that’s why I hold a grudge […] It just happened gradually, piece by piece, until this complete madness locked you in and you were doing exactly what you didn’t feel like doing with the people you couldn’t stand, the people you hated. when you were 10 years old. You assholes, fuck yourselves, all of you. ”

In the mid-1960s, John Lennon gradually emancipated himself from the group he had founded. “My meeting with Yoko is like when you meet your first real wife. We leave the guys at the bar, we’re not going to play pool or pinball anymore. From the day I found the wife, the Beatles had no other interest in me than being like old friends. Yes, my band no longer existed … “In his exasperation, he loudly denies what he adored:” Fat bastards, that was the Beatles. You have to be a bastard to be successful, that’s a fact. And the Beatles were the biggest bastards in the world. ” He doesn’t forgive Paul and George for their hostility towards Yoko.

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