Judge links Emilio Lozoya to trial for Odebrecht case


A federal judge linked the process to Emilio Lozoya Austin by criminal association, money laundering and bribery in the Odebrecht case, with which he became the second Mexican against whom such a determination is issued by the bribes delivered by the Brazilian construction company.

However, the FGR did not request pretrial detention against Emilio Lozoya in this case; Prosecutors asked that Lozoya wear an electronic bracelet, that he remain under surveillance and that he not be allowed to leave the country. The judge accepted the measure and gave him probation.

During the proceedings, the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR) FGR explained that Lozoya had a close relationship with the former director of Odebrecht Mexico, Luis de Meneses Weyll, whom he convinced to finance the president’s campaign with 4 million dollars Enrique Pena Nieto in 2012 in exchange for the PRI winning the Presidency, the construction company received public works contracts.

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In addition, said the Prosecutor’s Office, Lozoya supported Odebrecht to position it among various Mexican businessmen and to obtain contracts in Tamaulipas, Veracruz and Hidalgo, mainly.

Prosecutors added that Lozoya, already as director of Pemex, received $ 6 million in bribes for Odebrecht to obtain contracts with the oil company.

For these operations, the Brazilian construction company benefited from $ 39 million in profits obtained from public works contracts.

How precautionary measuresProsecutors asked that the former director of Pemex wear an electronic bracelet, that he remain under surveillance and that he not be allowed to leave Mexico City or the country.

Lozoya still does not step in jail

The judge accepted the request of the Prosecutor’s Office and ordered that Lozoya appear to sign twice a month at the North Prison Justice Center.

The judge ordered parole and granted six months for a complementary investigation in the Odebrecht case.


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