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On his return to the saga, Colin Trevorrow was inspired by his predecessor in the use of automata, which made the legend Jurassic Park.

After realizing Safety Not Guaranteed, the Californian director made the big leap into Jurassic, taking over the legendary franchise created by Steven Spielberg in the early 90s. Jurassic World, it staged a real amusement park around dinos, the ultimate dream of Jon Hammond, the megalomaniac owner of the park of the first shutters.

For the second episode of the trilogy Jurassic World, Trevorrow has been more discreet: he left directing to Juan Antonio Bayona, focusing on script writing and production. Finally, he came back behind the camera to Jurassic World : Dominion, whose release is scheduled for June 11, 2021.

A time interrupted because of the health situation, the shooting of this third opus was able to resume in mid-July. On this occasion, the director confided in the creative assets of his next film.

Trevorrow is the Guardian of the Jurassic World Galaxy

During a discussion with Robert Rodriguez (Sin City, Alita: Battle Angel) et Joseph Kosinski (Oblivion, Tron: The Legacy) at Comic-Con At Home and directed by Collider, the director notably returned to his system for special effects. He praised the articulation between special effects and famous animatronics (used since Spielberg’s first film):

“In fact, we’ve used more practical effects here than in any movie in the saga since we made the very first one and we’ve done more animatronics in this one than in the previous two. is that I have found in recent months, that we have finally reached a point where it is possible to … A point where we can add digital extensions on automata, whose texture and fidelity level are equal what an automaton can bring [seul]. Before, we weren’t able to mix the two, we really saw the connections. This is something very exciting for me. “

photoSix Jurassic feature films? Cetacean!

During the chat, he also had the opportunity to thank his predecessor, who he said spurred a new way to standardize the texture of huge reptiles in post-production:

“JA Boyana really found the added value in creating a photographic reality, beautiful light instruments that can be very subtly articulated. Just a head and a jaw that can move, but beautifully hand painted. And we do it for everyone. our dinosaurs now, so that when you put it in motion you can see how the light reacts [aux mouvements] skin.”

All of this promises even more impressive and accomplished dinosaur scenes. So far, no synopsis has been released on the next iteration of the universe. Jurassic Park. We just know that many actors from previous films are reprising their roles, namely Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Omar Sy, but also Laura Dern, Sam Neill and Jeff Goldblum. Rumors reported by the British magazine Digital Spy (they are based on a stolen aerial photo of the set) also show several scenes shot in a polar setting.

We will have to wait until June 11, 2021 to discover it all (in theaters this time, we hope!).

photoJurassic World III is coming, without a shadow of a doubt

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