Kevin Connolly: Accused of rape, actor from Entourage delivers another version


No more a week goes by, since the Weinstein scandal and the emergence of the MeToo movement, without new accusations emerging: it is the turn of one of the stars of the Entourage series to be the subject of serious revelations.

Kevin Connolly, known for playing the role of Vince Chase’s agent (Adrian Grenier) during the eight seasons of Entourage, is accused by a former costume designer, now 46, of having sexually assaulted her in December. 2005 in Manhattan during the evening of the end of the shooting of his first film as director, The Gardener of Eden. Gracie Cox was 29 years old at the time of the events, which she reported to the Daily Beast, and relates that the actor (31 years old at the time), who had regularly flirted with her throughout the filming, offered her to ‘go smoke a cigarette outside. A little tipsy, she followed him until she thought she was the VIP area. “As soon as we were alone, he started kissing me. I didn’t know how to react, but before I even had time to think about it, he pushed me into one of these little boxes, took off my pants, turned me over and the moment of after he was in me. I was in shock, ”she explains about the events that followed, claiming that I had not had the slightest chance to resist.

The actor reacted to these allegations with the same media, affirming through his lawyer, Marty Singer, that this sexual intercourse was consented. “Kevin is a strong supporter of victims of sexual assault and believes that their stories should be heard,” said the tenor of the bar. As a personality who has worked in this industry for four decades, he has always treated everyone with respect and has built an exemplary reputation. In fact, he was completely shocked when he read Gracie Cox’s allegations. What happened with Ms. Cox was consented and he flatly denies any allegation that it was an assault. When they returned to the party, Gracie’s boss, Amy Westcott, learned what had just happened and let them both know that she was very disappointed with their behavior. Gracie confessed to Kevin that she was embarrassed that she had gotten into trouble with Amy, the head of the costume department. According to IMDb, it seems that Gracie and Amy no longer collaborated on any project after that. Amy and Kevin continued to work together on Entourage for another two years, and a few years later, Amy recommended her assistant to work with Kevin on another project. Kevin fully understands Amy’s dissatisfaction with the consensual act that had linked Kevin and Gracie fifteen years ago, when production was over and they were no longer working together on the film. Kevin acknowledges a lack of professionalism on his part, but vehemently refutes that it was more than a mutually agreed relationship. ”

Despite the lawyer’s strong arguments, Gracie Cox, aware that Kevin Connolly “knows people of power”, does not seem to intend to keep quiet now that she has come out of the silence: “I want us to know it is dangerous, she said. I don’t want him to get out any longer. ”

Since the end of Entourage in 2011, the actor has been relatively discreet on the screens, with to his credit during the decade 2010 appearances in the series Friends with Better Lives, Pitch and more recently The Oath. And as a director, he sadly distinguished himself by signing in 2018 Gotti, a film with John Travolta and his wife Kelly Preston (tragically deceased a few days ago) who collected six nominations at the Razzie Awards, the “trophies” the worst of cinema, including those of Worst film and Worst director. His return as an actor on the big screen is expected in Chick Fight, a comedy with Malin Akerman, Alec Baldwin and Bella Thorne.


World news – Kevin Connolly: Accused of rape, actor from Entourage delivers another version

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