KIA Motors de Mexico inaugurates a new sales concept


KIA Motors de Mexico continues with the celebrations of its fifth anniversary in our country, which was fulfilled this month and has brought as a result the new 1S project, the first new vehicle showroom that will provide exclusive attention.

It is a point of sale that is located in Polanco, Mexico City and that will provide your visitors a much more personalized experience. A new concept that in addition to being a point of sale, will be practically an extension of the Rio San Joaquin distributor.

It should be noted that at this new point of care will focus solely on sales, which means that in order to perform other services such as maintenance, it will have to be at another dealer.

It is also important to emphasize that the new showroom governed by recommended hygiene protocols by the health sector of Mexico City, therefore, both staff and visitors will be protected.


As a second step, in the coming weeks the brand will announce the opening of its second showroom which will be in Fresnillo, Zacatecas and it will have the same characteristics as that of Polanco.

The main idea behind these new concepts for the company is to get a little closer to new customers by offering them a unique experience of care and service, in addition to what its 94 distributors in Mexico already offer.

KIA Mexico celebrates its anniversary and gives us indications of the possible arrival in the country of the new K5

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