Kim Kardashian in tears during their last meeting


Between Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, things would not have improved as much since the last controversial release of the rapper. This Monday, July 27, the star of the reality TV series ” Keeping up with the Kardashians “reportedly joined her husband in Wyoming. According to images that have been broadcast of this meeting between the two spouses, the atmosphere would be visibly quite tense. We can see in the photos taken of the two in a vehicle, a Kim Kardashian who visibly shed a few tears.

“She was very hurt…”

According to the confidences which were brought by a close relative of the family to People magazine, the woman would be really affected by this situation. “She’s very emotional about this whole affair, and also exhausted”, explains the source. “She was very hurt by Kanye. She has tried to help him several times and he simply ignores her. “, she continued. The situation arose following the remarks made by the rapper during his political rally as part of his campaign for the presidential election next November.

He had disclosed some rather personal information about his family. He indicated in particular that he had not wanted his partner to give birth to the little girl, currently 7 years old. Kanye West pointed out that he had asked Kim Kardashianto have an abortion when the announcement has been made. His wife in response to this rather particular outing, declared that the rapper had bipolar disorder. “I kindly ask that the public and the media give us the compassion and empathy we need to get through all of this.”, she had asked.

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