Komet Neowise shines in the night sky – how to find it


Of the Comet with the cumbersome name C / 2020 F3 was launched on March 27 this year by the space telescope “Neowise“Discovered – and has been on everyone’s lips since then under his somewhat simpler name. Because since July 3, he has been approaching the earth and his tail can also be seen with the naked eye by amateur star gazers.

who Neowise so far on Night sky wanted to see, especially in the early morning hours, had to get up and look for a slightly higher location. Now, however, it is so far above the horizon that you can spot it in the early night.

But not for long: The boulder will soon disappear into the depths of the solar system and will take 5,000 to 7,000 years before it flies past the earth again. Although the reached Comet not until July 23, 103 million kilometers away from Earth’s closest point, but comet friends shouldn’t wait until then.

Best watch this week

“The best time to Neowise watching is now, ”says Robert Schumann from the Herschel siblings observatory Hannover. Of the Comet After passing through its perihelion, that is to say its closest point to the sun, it is currently approaching Earth. The closer he comes to our planet, the higher he climbs on our nightly orbit around ours Night sky.

But with its increasing distance from the sun, the temperature of the boulder, like Schumann to consider. As a result, a decrease in its brightness can also be expected in a few days: “Due to the increasing distance from the sun, fewer particles separate from the inside of the comet, which then form the tail. That’s why we will Neowise will soon only be able to observe through telescopes ”.

He was probably the best watchable this week. “It rises higher every day Night sky and at the same time it is still shining brightly this week. It could be over after the next weekend, ”says the hobby astronomer, who has been involved in astronomy since he was eight and has been with the observatory association for years Hannover involved.

Shows in binoculars Neowise “Perfect beauty”

So also the OZ readers Neowise The 27-year-old amateur astronomer gives tips more easily: “Den Comets can now be found all night in the northwest during its circumpolar phase. It migrates to the northeast until morning and is best visible there until the sky becomes too bright due to the sunlight. ”

Good observation experiences can still be had when the sky is partially covered. However, interested observers should allow themselves and their eyes some time: with a little patience Neowise recognize themselves by their slightly yellowish tail and a clear brightening, their core.

“The top instrument for comet observation is binoculars. You can see its perfect beauty in all its glory, ”says Robert Schumannwho the use of telescopes for the observation of Neowise thinks it’s exaggerated: “It’s like shooting cannons at sparrows.”

The comet Neowise can currently be discovered in the early morning hours in the north, just above the horizon. Venus opens to his right. On the left the big car (Ursa Major).
Those: stellarium-web.org

How to find Komet Neowise

For the observation of Neowise you need a free view to the northeast. By mid-July it has not risen very far above the horizon.

Not far from Comets Venus climbs the horizon in the early morning. From the planet that shines in the early morning sky, you walk a good way “to the left”, that is, to the northwest. The conspicuous seven stars, the Pleiades, are also close to Venus.

The bright star Capella in the constellation Fuhrmann, about halfway between Venus and Neowise, can also be a good search aid.

On the other side is the striking constellation of the big car “on the left”, so rather west of Comets.

Here we show new photos from Neowise:

  • Reader Robert Schumann writes: “Around 2:30 am on July 11th, 2020, the surprise comet 2020, together with glowing night clouds, appeared very nicely over Hanover’s skyline. The picture was taken with a 40mm focal length at the Hanover Volkssternwarte.”

  • Reader Marc Gieseler writes: “The comet Neowise can be seen with the naked eye in the evening sky. The picture was taken on July 11th, 2020 at 11:45 pm in Wolfsburg.”

  • This recording was made by reader Andreas Bittner on Sunday at 2 a.m. in Warnemunde.

  • Reader Daniel Wittner photographed Neowise through a 30cm telescope – with a smartphone. He took the picture in the “Night from Friday to Saturday in East Hesse, around 3.30 am. It was probably a unique opportunity to catch the comet between the clouds.”

  • Comet Neowise over a flowered rapeseed field in Pelzerhaken on the Baltic Sea. Sent by reader Susanne Muller.

  • Reader Dirk Zachow photographed Comet C2020 F3 (aka Neowise) next to the Lubeck Cathedral.

  • Sent by Raimar Papenfub: “On some nights in June and July there are sometimes glowing night clouds in the northern sky at a height of around 80 km. In the night from Friday to Saturday the sky was ideal and the so-called NLCs were very strong Another phenomenon could also be observed at this time. The Comet C / 2020 F3 Neowise was also clearly visible. Sometimes everything just fits …. ”

  • At the petrol station “Nordoel” in Gutzkow (Vorpommern-Greifswald district) Thomas Buth sent us a photo of Komenten Neowise. At around 11:15 p.m. he managed this recording on Saturday.

  • In the night to Sunday, the comet Neowise was seen again in many places in the country. Andreas Meyer captured these pictures for us.

    • Comet Neowise over the port of Kühlungsborn
      Comet Neowise over the port of Kuhlungsborn

    • Comet Neowise over the beach at Heiligendamm
      Comet Neowise over the beach at Heiligendamm

  • Comet Neowise at night on Saturday over glowing night clouds, sent by reader Carsten Jonas.

  • “Last night I managed – according to my own feeling – the almost perfect photo: Comet Neowise and spectacular NLCs over the Kiel outdoor fjord including the Friedrichsort lighthouse and a goose that seems to enjoy the whole spectacle. But maybe she doesn’t care at all If you look closely, you can even see the submarine monument in Heikendorf, “reads reader Marco Bergner.

  • “The Comet C / 2020 F3 NEOWISE was only discovered in March, has survived the orbit of the sun and can now even be seen with the naked eye for a few weeks. This morning it was just above the shining night clouds that are seen seasonally in summer here are, “reads Carsten Jonas.

  • “The picture was taken around midnight from the Arfrader Berg viewpoint in Eckhorst / Stockelsdorf,” writes Andrej Tusenko.

  • This photo shows Neowise over the Mojave Desert in San Bernardino County in Southern California (USA).

    Foto: Dbot3000/CC BY-SA 4.0

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