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Blues singer Anita White, operating under the name Lady A, says in conversation with Rolling Stone that her stage name and music are more difficult to find on Google after the country band Lady Antebellum changed the name to Lady A. The band started a lawsuit against the singer on Thursday because the two parties could not agree on the use of the name.

According to White is her new single The Truth Is Loud since the name change from Lady Antebellum to Lady A more difficult to upload. In addition, fans might find her streaming channels more difficult.

“They want to master the name I have used for dozens,” said White about the country band that was called Lady Antebellum until June. “That I don’t have 40 million followers or 40 million in the bank shouldn’t matter in that regard.

White says the country band has made no serious effort to agree on the use of the Lady A name. The blues singer says she has received emails from fans who could no longer find her online.

Country band Lady Antebellum changed name to Lady A due to association with slavery

Lady Antebellum changed the name to Lady A in June. This was the three-man formation, best known in the Netherlands for the hit Need You Now, because of the association of the word “Antebellum” with the slavery past of the United States.

A month after the name change to Lady A, the country band started a lawsuit against the blues artist of the same name. The band claimed to have registered the Lady A name as a trademark years earlier.

During preliminary negotiations about the use of the Lady A name, White requested $ 10 million (about $ 9 million) as compensation for the country band. According to the blues singer’s reading, half of that amount would benefit the Black Lives Matter movement.

“How can you shout ‘Black Lives Matter’ and then plant your knee in the neck of another black artist?” White had already addressed the former Lady Antebellum in June in response to the name change. “I’m not angry, but I don’t give up my stage name, which I worked hard for.

Anita White reacted critically in June to Lady Antebellum’s name change to the same stage name the blues singer uses (copyright: Instagram / Lady_bluesdiva).

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