Land returned to Ndingler’s Peasants: The press release from the Minister of the Interior …


Ndingler’s peasants won their case. The Minister of the Interior informed that the State of Senegal urged Sedima to stop the works and invited the population to return to their fields.

“In recent weeks, the Government has noted an opposition from part of the inhabitants of the village of Ndingler, located in the Municipality of Ndiaganiao, Arrondissement of Fissel, to the development of the land falling under the land base ceded to the company. SEDIMA SA for a farm, immediately supported the Minister of the Interior.

Aly Ngouille Ndiaye added: “With the start of the rainy season, consultations have been initiated to, on the one hand, facilitate the populations’ access to the fields and, on the other hand, enable the company SEDIMA SA to secure its agricultural investment. ”

At the end of these consultations, he said, a report was made to the Head of State. On his instructions, the inhabitants of the village of Ndingler were invited to return to their original fields to save the agricultural campaign and SEDIMA SA invited to stop work in this part of the land.

The Government of Senegal urges the officials of the company SEDIMA SA and the populations to continue discussions so that a final solution is sealed by the end of the 2020 rainy season.

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