Leandro Grimi, player who cannot meet his daughter due to coronavirus


Buenos Aires, Argentina /

What a mess Leandro Grimi is living, Hurricane player, to be able meet your newborn daughter. The footballer and his partner live in Argentina, but they decided that she would travel to Portugal to give birth in her homeland. Now, due to the coronavirus pandemic, no one can travel And Grimi doesn’t know her little daughter yet.

“I am solving some procedures to be able to leave, my wife is Portuguese and she is there, my daughter was born and I still couldn’t see her“the Hurricane player related to Soccer Attack.

Grimi She explained that they normally live in Argentina, but they decided that she was in the final stage of pregnancy in her native country, but the coronavirus prevented her from traveling. For the moment it will continue waiting for her reopening of borders so you can travel to Portugal and thus meet the little one, in addition to reuniting with his wife.

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