Leave to stay in Switzerland – Musician Kevin Flynn will not be returning to Ireland


The State Secretariat for Migration wanted to send the Irish singer living in Payerne to his country. The Federal Administrative Court is not of the same opinion.

Supported in particular by his daughters Eileen and Patricia in his fight, the musician Kevin Flynn recently received a new residence permit allowing him to stay in Payerne.


“I was able to get my residence permit at the end of last week at the Municipality of Payerne. What a shock it was when I opened the letter and what a huge relief after three complicated years. I do not believe it.” After months of anguish, Kevin Flynn, Irish guitarist and singer who gave more than 200 annual concerts in the heyday in the Broye and the Friborg region, found a smile. Very close to receiving the AVS, he could finally stay in Switzerland with his daughters and granddaughters, contrary to the wishes of the State Secretariat for Migration (SEM).

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