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Lindsey Vonn opens in a former NFL player program – constantly experiencing racism as she socializes with a dark-skinned NHL hockey player – Alpine Skiing


Former alpine skiing superstar, American Lindsey Vonn, opened up to the shocking prejudices she faced because of her relationship.

Lindsey Vonn, 35, won his Olympic alpine skiing Olympic gold in Vancouver in 2010 with his fine alpine skiing career, he is dating a Canadian NHL hockey player. P. K. Subbanin with. Subban, 31, currently represents the New Jersey Devils.

Vonn and Subban have often delighted their social media followers with joint raptures. Vonn has more than two million followers on Instagram and almost a million on Subban.

This time the duo however, told the wrong side of his relationship, reveals Swedish newspaper Expressen.

Vonn revealed that he had encountered a lot of prejudice because he was dating a dark-skinned man.

“It’s been harmful, and I haven’t been able to deal with it,” Vonn mourns.

Vonn said that even many people very close to him have criticized the duo’s relationship.

– I would not say that I have lost friends, but with a number of people who are close to me have been many very difficult situations.

Tracked sports couple shared his feelings Emmanuel Achon in the program.

Vonn feels really helpless in the face of the situation.

– I don’t know what I should say to make them understand. I don’t know how to make racism disappear and how I would make people see him (Subban) as the person he is.

Acho, 29, is a former American football player who currently does a program called Uncomfortable conversations with a black man Unpleasant conversations with a black man.

Picture from 2014 when Emmanuel Acho played for the NFL in the ranks of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Acho published about the first episode of his program on YouTube about a month ago. He tells New York Postin the thing is that like sports in the past, now narrowing racial differences is his vocation.

– After growing up in white culture, attending a Caucasian private school, and playing in the NHL, I realized I could bridge the gap between my white and black brothers. I think based on three YouTube episodes and 37 million views, my program has been well received, Acho told the New York Post a few weeks ago.

In addition to Vonn and Subban, Achos program has included an Oscar-winning actor Matthew McConaughey.

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