Lucescu leaves Kiev “Dynamo” four days after taking office due to fans


The Romanian specialist took over the management of the “Dinamo” club on July 23.

The outrage of Kiev fans has been caused by the fact that previously Lucescu worked for 12 years as a coach of the Donetsk “Shahtar” club, the main competitor of the Kiev unit.

The 74-year-old former Romanian national team coach tells the newspaper about the termination of his work at the Kiev club: “I can’t accept their fans acting against the club’s interests.

“I wanted to return to football in Ukraine, where I was so pleased to get back into the exciting and unpredictable atmosphere of football,” the coach explains. “I did it with enthusiasm, fully trusting the potential of the new team’s new players.”

Lucescu thanks the president of the club, Ihor Surkim, for the offer, but says that he cannot work in the hostile atmosphere of the most fanatical fans – ultra.

While Lucach was trained by Shahhtar from 2004 to 2016, he was the biggest enemy of Kiev’s Dynamo fans. Together with the Donetsk club, the Romanian coach won 22 trophies, “Šahtar” completely dominating Ukraine.

After years of work, “Šahtar” Lučesku was trained for one season by “Zenit” in St. Petersburg, but from August 2017 to February 2019 – by the Turkish state unit.

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