Melody (17) ‘too fats’ for hairdressing coaching ROC Twente: ‘She is inconsolable’


Charlotte says: “Sadly this was additionally the case in 2010. At the moment, we seemed carefully at your look throughout the consumption for a beautician. I used to be employed for this system on the time, however a pal of mine was not as a result of she was too ‘different / gothic’. “seemed.”

“This was by no means the intention”

Version NL requested the ROC of Twente for a response. In line with a spokesperson, the state of affairs is extra nuanced. “It now appears as if Melody was not allowed to observe the coaching as a result of she could be too fats. That’s not proper, she was already admitted and she will grow to be a hairdresser with us anyway.”

Within the dialog, the themes of vitality and well being have been certainly mentioned. “Whenever you begin this coaching, you must be as wholesome and important as attainable as a result of you must stand lots as a hairdresser. This appeared to Melody as if the lecturers thought she was too fats. That was by no means the intention.”

‘We give recommendation’

Whether or not the college appears lots on the look of (future) college students? “It’s one thing that performs a task within the hairdressing world, for instance. However there are additionally hairdressers for whom this doesn’t apply in any respect. We give recommendation, however it’s in the end as much as the scholar what she or he does with it.”

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