Mexico beats Italy in coronavirus deaths, infections reach almost 300,000


Mexico reported on Sunday, July 13, 2020 35,006 deaths accumulated linked to coronavirus, and thereby surpassed Italy as the fourth country worldwide with more deaths from the disease, while the number of infected acquaintances close to 300,000, according to official data.

The increase in the figures of the second largest economy in Latin America occurs amid the gradual reopening of work under a criticized plan by the authorities mexican, whose initial estimates of infections and deaths have been exceeded.

Despite the scenario, the President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador He said earlier Sunday that his health cabinet presented him with a report and that “the bottom line is that the pandemic is going down (in the country), which is losing intensity “.

In Italy, the number of victims of the virus that arose in China at the end of last year it was 34,954, according to a Reuters count, although deaths per million inhabitants far outnumber those in Mexico, according to the German portal Statista.

The health authorities of the Latin American country presented on Sunday an estimate of the number of infected people, which would reach almost 336,000.

Mexico it reopened since May under pressure from the local businessmen and foreigners essential sectors from his economy, like the automotive industry, which represents around 3% of local GDP, according to official figures.

But now, the federal government has shifted responsibility to the states to stagger, according to local progress on the outbreak of coronavirus, the return to activities based on a traffic light system and the rules of the so-called “new normal”.

The undersecretary of health, Hugo Lopez-Gatell, who estimated weeks ago that the total death toll would be around 35,000 in Mexico, said Friday that “half the epidemic is still missing.”




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