Michigan Police Kill People of African Descent | News


Protests against racism in the United States rose again after Detroit police shot and killed the 20-year-old Hakim Littleton last Friday afternoon.


George Floyd and racism in the USA: Other crimes

The crime was perpetrated by two police officers during a peaceful protest, after Littleton resisted his arrest, officers arrested another man and said Littleton, who was standing nearby, appeared to be pulling out a gun and shooting.

After the events, Littleton’s brother Rashad Littleton demanded a meeting with the Chief of Police and the Mayor of Detroit, further expressing that “my brother was a good man. He was a warrior. I want everyone to know this, including Chief James Craig, the Mayor of Detroit. I want a meeting with them next week. “

Detroit Police Chief James Craig posted the video from the police camera showing that the police shooting occurred after he pulled a pistol from his left pocket and opened fire, although witnesses said Littleton had nothing on hand.

After the crime, a protest with about 300 protesters moved to the scene to demand an end to police brutality not only in the state, but throughout the country.

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