Miguel Herrera is the biggest lie in Mexico: ‘Negro Santos


The thrashing that Cruz Azul gave to America 1-4 in the Cup for Mexico generated annoyance in Americanism.

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And one of them was Antonio Carlos Santos, who exploded against the team’s coach, Miguel Herrera.

A fan of the Eagles tagged ‘Black’ Santos in the post saying: “@ negrosantos13 idol you can tell all the assholes defending @MiguelHerreraDT how many times siboldi has humiliated this idiot”.

The former cream-blue player did not hesitate to respond to the Americanist follower. There he went against coach Herrera, whom he called “the biggest lie in Mexico.”

Santos replied: “The louse is the biggest lie in Mexico along with those who praise it.”

Siboldi has found the measure for America, since the Uruguayan has already lost five games to Miguel Herrera.

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