Morlanwelz: the pharmacist unmasked


Sandrine Lejong, pharmacist in Morlanwelz, has been talked about. As soon as the announcement of the obligation to wear a mask in shops two weeks ago, she posted a note on the door of her dispensary explaining why she would not wear it and announced to customers that they were not obliged to carry it in his pharmacy. The local police intervened and the poster has now disappeared but the police continue to give their opinion orally to customers.

No scientific unanimity

Sandrine Lejong’s first argument is, according to her, the lack of scientific consensus on the usefulness of wearing a mask. She adds that a badly used mask is a virus nest. Carrying it, removing it, handling it, putting it in your bag, taking it out to put it back, is to convey the virus with and around you. She also says that wearing a mask is anxiety-provoking, generates fear and reciprocal suspicion at a time when we would rather need trust and social ties. She believes that the pandemic is coming to an end and that a mask is no more useful today than in March, at the start of the alert. Finally, she thinks that letting the air circulate can participate in collective immunity.

The Order of Pharmacists does not agree

Contacted by us, Gert Laekeman, president of the Order of Pharmacists of Belgium wishes to temper the attitude of the pharmacist from Morlanwelz: “Wearing a mask does not guarantee 100% protection against the virus. But there are enough scientific studies that show that the risk of spreading the virus is reduced if you wear it. To fully protect yourself, you should wear masks, gloves, glasses. This is not possible. So the mask is a minimum, even if, once again, it is not 100% protection. to the consequences – of what is propagated as a message Editor’s note. The pharmacist has an exemplary role to play. The pharmacist must cooperate in public health. Individual initiatives that do not go against public health, I Deplores it. The instructions must be followed, even if they do not guarantee 100% protection. In the code of ethics of pharmacists, it is stated that they must work for public health. So even if the mask does not protect 100%, we must encourage its use. “

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