Nuremberg saved themselves in the sixth minute of stoppage time


After the golden goal at the last second, the Nurembergers can hardly believe their luck.Image: Getty

In Ingolstadt on the abyss, the «club» changes to third class – up to the 96th minute. Then Fabian Schleusener becomes the ultimate savior. Ingolstadt wins 3-1 in the second leg – and is still a loser.

Mobbing, insults, tears: The emotions after the rescue happy end of 1. FC Nurnberg boiled over inside the Ingolstadt stadium even without fans. Almost after the final whistle on the lawn, even fists flew after Nuremberg’s Joker Fabian Schleusener scored the goal for the Franconian second division soccer team in the sixth minute of stoppage time to make it 1-3 (0-0). The Swiss loaner Michael «Michi» Frey, who came on as a substitute in the 79th minute and missed a big chance shortly afterwards, cleared the way for Schleusener to score the winner.

Tears of relief for Michael Frey after the crazy relegation.Image: Getty

The late moment of happiness of the Francs in the relegation meant for the third division FCI that after the 0-2 in the first leg he was a loser despite the home win. The Nuremberg away goal decided in the overall calculation.

«We have to thank the football god»

«I have a feeling chaos in me. It is a huge relief that falls away from me and from everyone. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen so many men in tears. It’s unbelievable what happened here today, »said the 28-year-old Schleusener, who stabbed as a joker and had the ball over the goal line at the last second. “We have to thank the football god that he once again shook hands with us,” explained Michael Wiesinger, who, as an interim coach together with “club” legend Marek Mintal, was able to fulfill his rescue mission. He will not remain a coach.

The season finale matched the messed up season of the nine-time German champions a year after the ninth Bundesliga relegation. After three free kicks by Marcel Gaus, which led to goals by captain Stefan Kutschke (52nd minute), Tobias Schrock (62nd) and Robin Krausse (62nd), the «Club» looked down on the third-class team; like 24 years ago, when Wiesinger was there as a player.

«We didn’t deserve that. The team did an incredible job, then you will be punished like that, that’s brutal, »complained coach Tomas Oral, who had relegated to the FCI a year ago as a second division team. This time the failure was emotionally more violent. Oral showed “understanding” for the sometimes exuberant feelings as with his captain Kutschke.

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